Conference Women and Corruption – Future perspective

Tirana International Hotel

Consortium Room

15th of April 2013

Moderator: Brunilda Dibra & Elda Gjoka 

Project Director: Joniada Hito

09.30 – 10.00  Registration

10.00 – 10.10  Opening & Presentation of the project.

Ms. Joniada Hito, Global Opportunitites Albania

Ms. Nertila Mosko, Hanns Seidel Stiftung

10.10 – 11.00 Anti-Curruption policies, procedures and initiatives  in Albania

Objective: to examine  the existing policies and mechanisms that will be used in the future to fight corruption in Albania

  • Outline of the current activities, policies and procedures to fight corruption in Albania (20 minutes)
  • Surveys/ Polls ( 20 minutes)
  • Questions and Answers  ( 10 minutes)

Ms. Helena Papa, Departament of Internal Control and Anti-corruption

Mr. Alban Nelaj, European Social Survey

11.00 – 12.30 Corruption in Albania: Presentations ( each presentation 15 minutes)

Ms. Rajmonda Stefa, Former  Memeber of Parliament

Ms . Elma Tershana, Women’s Network for Democracy

Ms. Alida Karakushi , Civil Society

Ms. Rozi Petani, Regional directory of Health Care Insurace, Shkodra

12.30 – 12.50 Coffee Break

12.50 – 14.20  Corruption in Albania: Presentations (each presentation 15 minutes)

Ms. Mirela Roshi, Lawyer

Ms. Ermira Tafani Prosecutor, Elbasan

Ms. Migena Kapllani, Academic, Elbasan

Ms. Marsida Haxhiu, Pedagogue Elbasan

Mr. Edmond Cata, Pedagogue

14.20 – 14.50 Group Discussions: The identification of issues and implementing strategies from each group

14.50 – 15.20 Conclusion outlines: Presentations from representatives of each group (Each presentation 10 minutes)

15.20 – 16.00 Lunch