Corruption & Women – Future Perspectives

Vlore  - Hotel International
Friday, March 29, 2013  

Aim: The impakt of corruption at women and how can be found a collaboration in order that the upcomming political parties programs to include some of the women’s requests and worries.

Timeline: 3 hours with one coffee break and one lunch break

Issues to address:

  1. How evident is the corruption factor at judicial system and how much impact has on women;
    In Albania women mostly have the responsibilities in dealing with the offers of the social services like in education and health sector. By doing so the women in Albania are much more exposed to face the corruption in everyday life in different sectors.
  2. Corruption at education system, including employment and the evaluation system;
  3. Corruption at health sector, how impacts women and how do they fights against;
  4. What can be done by the state and society to fight corruption and how can be constructed a case denunciation system meanwhile offering the protection of the individual.

Main Speakers:

  1. Teuta Gjokoli (Medical Doktor)
  2. Milena Mesini (Lawyer)
  3. Manjola Hysa (Prosecuter)
  4. Anjeza Shiko (Lawyer at Mayor Vlore)
  5. Neime Pjero (Profesor)
  6. Migena Balla (Profesor and representative of the NGO Women Center)
  7. Rajmonda Stefa (Former Deputy of the Parliament)
  8. Alketa Karafili (Professor)


Moderator: Alida Karakushi

09.30 am to 10.00 am Registration

10.00 am to 10.20 am Fjala hyrese, Znj. Joniada Hito, Executive Director, Global Opportunities Albania

10.10 am to 12.15 am Presentations (1), Judical, Education

12.15 am to 12.30 am Discussions on the  raised issues

12.30 am to 13.15 am Coffee Break & Lunch Break

13.15 am to 14.15 pm Presentations (2), Health

14.15 pm to 14.45 pm Discussions on the  raised issues

14.45 pm to 15.00 pm Conclusions

Organisers: Joniada Hito, Global Opportunities Albania