About the founder

As Licensee Proprietor and President of Avis Rent A Car Albania and as Managing Director of the OPEL General Motors Albanian Representation, Gazmend Haxhia has worked to effect change and produce businesses reflecting the intersection of entrepreneurship, creativity, fairness and sound management.

In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavours, Mr Haxhia has served as an adviser and aide to some of the most senior Albanian officials, worked as a consultant for national and international organizations, and provided numerous lectures and trainings to university students on topics including “Ethics and corruption”, “Leadership” and a course in “Marketing Services.”

Understanding the complexity of starting a business venture in Albania, which he experienced when returning from his graduate studies in the US in the 1990s, Mr Haxhia wants to provide Albanians with the information and opportunities that were not available to him in order for them to begin meaningful enterprises.