Impacts of the Greek crises on Albania political, economical and social life

A PROGRAMME RUN BY Global Opportunities Albania with the support of Hans Seidel Foundation, Tirana, Albania

3 - Round table

Referring to some recent studies done there are 3 main risks in the short and medium term.  Firstly, the returning of the Albanian emigrants from Greece to Albania will present a pressure to the health and educational system. It is obvious that Albania in a short term cannot increase its social security net or invest in health system since it is lowering public spending in order to maintain its public debt at less than 60% of GDP.  This situation might generate a “social bomb” (USAID, 2013) in terms of a high demand for service that is poorly founded. 

Secondly, if Greece will come out of Euro, Albania’s exports to Greece will become way more expensive so automatically it will be a significant drop in exports. Also it will lower the remittances by at least half of the value.

Thirdly, Bank of Albania and the government also have stated that the banking system in the country is well capitalized and is capable of withstanding and risk deriving from Greece or the Euro zone. However since the beginning of the economic crises in 2008 Albanian public reacted negatively by withdrawing all their deposits. If Greece exits the euro zone it is very likely that the Albanian public will behave at the same way by disrupting the banking system.

The goal of Global Opportunities Albania is to gather most important political and civil society actors in different round tables and discus about the program or platform that the political actors will to consider preparing,   in order to be ready for the moment when the Greek crises will impact Albania, and the chances are that this will happen very soon. Therefore GOA intends to organize 3 round tables where the topic will be analyzed in the main issues that this impact will have on the Albanian society, such as the social impact, the financial one and the economical one.  Furthermore these round tables will tackle the topics in a constructive way, as the speakers will be among the academic circles, social activists, banking sector and the economical one including also chambers of commerce.  It will not include political actors as speakers seeing that in this period there is an ongoing political campaign for the general election because there is a risk to be a high rhetorical level on their declarations.  Timing is crucial while it is a possible “social bomb” with elections coming near it will overrun by other electoral noises.

The round tables will consist of no more than 20 people, political and social life actors. Some important actors will prepare a speech regarding this phenomenon which will raise debate and discussion among all participants.

Global Opportunities Albania believes that by organizing a series of events of this nature will give a big contribution to the social, political and economic life in Albania. After each round table a report of the activity will be published on some local newspapers by being visible.

As outcome of these round tables  Global Opportunities Albania will publish an academically & analysis paper/ document  that can serve as referical point and can be offered to local government and central government for implementation of its practical suggestions.

Location Roundtables:

Hotel Tirana International, Tirana, Albanian

Target Group:

Participants from NGO, students from the social sciences, political actors


The aims of Global Opportunities Albania for these roundtables are:

  1. To assure that the program or platform of political actors to consider these phenomena and to be ready for the moment when the Greek crises will impact Albania.
  2. To raise awareness
  3. To offer practical tips for solutions


11- 18 -25 April 2013

Program Director: Joniada Hito

Project manager: Alida Karakushi