Round tables & Conference “Corruption and Women- Future Priorities”

A PROGRAMME RUN BY Global Opportunities Albania with the support of Hans Seidel Foundation, Tirana, Albania

In Albania women mostly have the responsibilities in dealing with the offers of the social services like in education and health sector. By doing so the women in Albania are much more exposed to face the corruption in everyday life in different sectors. Never the less there are women who are fighting that their voice gets heard especially in the implementation of anti-corruption programs and incentives.

According to the Transparency International perceive higher level of corruption than men .There is indeed a link between higher representation of women in government and lower levels of corruption. An influential study of 150 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia by the World Bank, for example, came to the conclusion that women are more trustworthy and less prone to corruption, a finding later corroborated by additional research from the World Bank.

Global Opportunities Albania is planning to organize three round tables concluded in different cities of Albania and then to organize a regional conference concluded with a book with all the presentations of the speakers. By this program GOA wants to offer the possibility to hear from the both sides the employees of the administration , parliamentary members and the women groups and civil society actors round the region  on the corruption impact on women and how can be done a collaboration so that the upcoming programs include some specific women needs and  worries. The goal  is to find a way how these programs can involve more women in the decision making process of the anti corruption programs; strategies and suggestions to the future government programs;  to create and offer educative programs which will contribute in lowering the level of corruption; protection of the individuals who want to report corruption acts in administration and everyday life.

The three round tables will be organized in different cities of Albania, one in Elbasan, one in Shkoder and one in Gjirokastra in order to cover almost all parts of Albania from north to south. Each round table will have a participation no more than 20 people. Roundtables will be interactive based on discussion. Each round table will have some conclusions that will be presented with a report in a local news paper, in order to gain the appropriate attention.  The goal of the round tables will be to solicit real time information on the most prevalent and damaging forms of corruption from municipalities and feed that into the conference agenda so that we can insure the conference yields and disseminates useful, real time anticorruption strategies to protect Albanian women going forward. The roundtables will examine corruption within three high impact sectors: women’s business licensing and permitting, women’s interaction with the civil judiciary and women’s higher education.

After the conducting of round tables Global Opportunities Albania will organize a regional conference with a participation of + 100 people. There will be speakers from Albania and the region also. The conference will last for one full working day by combining presentations with discussions. Because of the elections eve the importance the outcomes of these events is very high.

Location Roundtables:

  • Hotel Univers, Elbasan, Albania
  • Hotel Çajupi, Gjirokaster, Albania
  • Hotel Coloseu, Shkoder, Albania

Location Conference:

Hotel Tirana International, Tirana, Albania


The aims of Global Opportunities Albania for this project are:

  1. To find a way how the political programs can involve more women in the decision making process of the anti corruption programs.
  2. To create and offer educative and incentive programs which will contribute in lowering the level of corruption.
  3. To find mechanisms that offer protection to the individuals who want to report corruption acts in administration and everyday life.
  4. To create a women lobbying


  • Round tables on 11-13-15 March
  • Conference on the 28 March

As Result of this events an analytical publication will be published by Global Opportunities Albania.

Program Director: Joniada Hito